Energy saving

Save water, save energy, save money

Water use and energy use are connected. By reducing your water use you could reduce your energy bills and carbon emissions. Our energy saving tips are supported by research from Energy Saving Trust.

Keep your shower time to just 4 minutes

By keeping your showers to four minutes, a household of four could save £115 a year on their energy bills and a further £100 on their water bill if on a water meter.

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Replace your old shower head with a water efficient version

With an aerated showerhead, a family of four could save £55 off their gas bills annually and a further £45 off their water bills if on a water meter.

Only run the dishwasher when it's full

The average dishwasher uses 10 litres of water each time so only run it when it's full.

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Brushing your teeth

Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth

A running tap wastes approximately six litres a minute, so when each person runs the tap while washing their teeth for two minutes, that's 24 litres a day!

Wait for a full load before running your washing machine

Washing machines use on average 60 litres per cycle, so only wash clothes when you have a full load.

Use the eco setting or lower temperature

On your washing machine or dishwasher the eco mode uses less water and saves energy with a lower temperature. Setting your washing machine to 30 degrees uses 57% less electricity, saves £14 a year and 11kg of carbon.

Cooking spaghetti

Use water twice in the kitchen

Try to reuse water whenever you can, for example using a bowl or jug to collect the water when rinsing vegetables.

Energy Saving Trust

Energy Saving Trust is an independent organisation dedicated to promoting energy efficiency, low carbon transport and sustainable energy use. We aim to address the climate emergency and deliver the wider benefits of clean energy as we transition to net zero. We empower householders to make better choices, deliver transformative programmes for governments and support businesses with strategy, research and assurance – enabling everyone to play their part in building a sustainable future