Get smart on saving water to improve the efficiency of your home and garden, reduce your energy bills, help fight climate change and preserve one of our most precious resources. It's easy with our top tips.

Why is water worth saving?

Though it may feel like the UK has a lot of water, it can’t be taken for granted. In fact we're using nearly twice as much as we were 60 years ago. Saving water is about living more sustainably and adapting to climate change, which can save you time, money and protect our planet. Using our tips can help reduce your heating costs, cut down your carbon footprint, and better manage your garden.

Did you know that:

• About 20% of a typical heating bill for a gas heated home comes from the water for showers, baths and the hot water tap

• Using less water means lessening the carbon emissions caused by transporting the water to and from your home and treating it before and after it's used

• Gardeners are already adapting to the UK's changing climate by better managing water in their gardens and helping plants to thrive whatever the weather

• There is growing evidence that a short, cold shower has significant health benefits, including boosting your mood, improving circulation and strengthening the immune system.

A survey has shown that 8 in 10 UK adults say they try to save water in their day-to-day life. Use our easy top tips to start saving water today. And don’t forget to check out our resources page, where you can download your free poster and find links to other sources of information and support.

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