Helping to water the garden

Why is water worth saving?

Doesn't it just keep coming out the tap?

How many times have you turned on the tap without thinking about how much water you use? It’s easy in the UK for us to take water for granted. It doesn’t help that the last time most of us thought about where water comes from was back in school learning about the ‘water cycle’, which gives the impression that the water we use will keep on coming back. But there’s a real problem with using too much water.

There is an increasing risk of water shortages in many parts of the country unless urgent action is taken.

There is only a finite amount of water and supply is under strain due to climate change and population growth.

Thanks to the likes of Greta Thunberg and Sir David Attenborough, a lot more people have accepted that their individual actions do have an impact on the environment around us. There is a strong link between the water we use and the environment we want to improve. Many people already know how their carbon footprint is linked to using planes and cars, but they are also realising that the amount of water they use and heat at home contributes to their carbon footprint, whether it’s using a shower or dishwasher.

The good news is that everyone can ‘do their bit’

You can take action with our easy tips to save water. For example, take a short shower in the mornings, use a bucket instead of a hose to wash the car, and use a water butt to water the garden.

Of course, life isn’t straightforward and there are many motivations for people to want to save water at home. Parents will want to save money on their heating bill, gardeners will want their gardens to be more resilient to drier weather, and environmentally conscious people will want to take action to improve the world.

But what is clear is that people genuinely want to do their bit to save water and help the environment. You can too with our easy tips.

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